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Contracts Activities

Contract 8 - Conferences and Workshops

How do you define or make a distinction between conferences, seminars and workshops?
Conferences: a meeting for consultation, exchange of information, or discussion, esp. one with a formal agenda and includes printing materials and giveaways.
Seminars: is a small meeting for a group of people discussing a certain matter and exchanging information
Workshops: a discussion group that emphasizes the exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, etc.

What have been the most significant events in the timeline of the project and what made them particularly important?
One of the most significant events in the timeline of the project was the Ministry of Education ceremony, were certificates have been distributed among the graduates and the number of participates was 200 and the presence of Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Dein Moussa the Minister of Education and General Mohamed Helal the Program Director of TVET Reform Program made it more significant.
The attendees of this conference all agreed that the TVET project was considered a motivator for them as it increased their experience and raised their training level which qualified them to be on the same level as the requirements of the international labour market. This testimony during the graduation ceremony from several participants showed the obvious success of the TVET programme and its achievements in front of a large number of top VIPs such as the minister and at the same time the press which guaranteed exposure on different levels.
Another very significant event was MEDA Finance, 20-21 October 2010, where the number of attendees was more than 300 from various Euro-Mediterranean countries. Meda Finance 2010 was inaugurated by top VIPS as Mr. Galal El Zorba, Chairman, Federation of Egyptian Industries, Mr. Ahmed El Wakil, Chairman, FEDCOC, Mr. Hazem Hassan, Chairman, CEEBA, H.E. Marc Franco, EU Ambassador, Head of EU Delegation and, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Former Prime Minister of Egypt. The significant importance of the participation of the TVET program was that it not only gave the program exposure to public and private entities on a local but also on an international level.

Is there any review of the participants experience at any of our events? If so, what is the summary of the feedback?
(I’d like to get an understanding of how the events impact the public and engage our stakeholders)
Overall, most of the reviews we received were satisfactory, participants were pleased with the content of the conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops as well as with the speakers invited to the event. They also mentioned that such events were important as it communicates the achievements of TVET to the public and the business community.

Contract staff:
Ms. Marion Kussmann

Mr. Mostafa Fayed

Contact info:
Address: German Chamber in Egypt – Mohandseen

Telephone: +20(2) 33338484
Fax: +20(2) 33338484


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