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Programme Mission

  • Development of national regulatory and support institutions for a decentralised and demand-driven TVET system
  • Improve of the Quality of TVET Delivery (Capacity Building)
  • Establishment of a network of Decentralised Demand-driven Enterprise –TVET Partnerships (ETPs) through a PPP mechanism
Programme Objectives  
  • The Overall Objective Contributing towards the improvement of the competitiveness of Egyptian enterprises on domestic and international markets
  • Specific Objective supporting the formulation & implementation of a national TVET reform policy
  • Proposed Vision for TVET structure

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 Programme Achievements
  • 37,000 students, workers, and job-seekers trained and certified
  • 8,385 trainers trained
  • 1,789 audits and training needs assessments of private sector enterprises and TVET service providers
  • 160 skills standards for skill levels 1 to 3 developed
  • 517 training packages developed

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- Coordination Meeting for TVET 1 handover to TVET II in PMU meeting room
                                25 February 2013

- "Capacity Building System for Industry in Crisis Periods" event of the Chemical industries "KEMT" under the Reform of TVET system project was held on the 13th of February 2013 at 10:00am at the fedration of Egyptian Industries Ballroom
                        13 February 2013

-Meeting with PMU staff and ETP directors at the PMU meeting room
                        3 January 2013

- Conference with the Shoura Council, attended by H.E. the Prime Minister of Egypt in the Four Seasons Hotel, to present the activities of TVET project, the draft National TVET Reform Policy and Strategy, and the ETPs in an exhibition. H.E. the Prime Minister and delegates of the Shoura Council supported the recommendation to establish a National TVET Authority.
                      17 - 18 of October 2012


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